Getting Free with Diaspoura

Getting Free with Diaspoura

Typo in System.


Diaspoura (they/them) is a downtempo electronic producer & new media artist from a highway hotel in rural South Carolina. Their first release Demonstrations was an experimental DIY project documenting lived experience as a queer femme of color buried in the poor Deep South. They released the emotionally charged track GTF (get the fuck) on Tr*mp’s inauguration, & their newest two-track release Traumaporn is a developed study of sounds encompassing both power & vulnerability using iconic rigid beats, bells, & dense harmonies.

Describe yourself in 3 words:

Typo in System

Can you tell us a little bit about your playlist?

I chose better songs to play after listening to Traumaporn than the Spotify algorithm will play.

For some reason, whatever I put on, I’ll end up listening to Beach House or some shit within next 5 songs… That is creepy, huh. I feel like I’m being socialized when that happens. LOL.

All these songs are by people who don’t give a fk and make music that they want. They are femme, trans, and gender non-conforming punks. Most of them are questioning what’s going on, and pretty directly. We need these kinda artists in our lives right now.

Photo by Sarah Villafane

Photo by Sarah Villafane

What should we do while listening to it?

You should... quit your shitty bartending job to this playlist. You should pull over a cop with this playlist blasting in your car on the way home.

Or if you can’t do that, lol, just like at least go spend these 30 songs imagining being the boss of Your Own Life with



and your real 1s

all waiting in the car for you to drive off with them into a sunset.

What’s your favorite song you’ve created?

They’re all different times. It was all goodie for me to write. :~)

I’m not sure which community to answer to really.

As an artist of color, do you feel an obligation to be a representative of your community? Do you easily find community with other artists of color?

I’m not sure which community to answer to really. I feel like my identity intersects so much that I’m just now even getting the option to connect with a community of queer brown people. That’s kinda a sad answer, lol, but it’s been a pretty sick process.

Everyone who listens to my music, like, somebody will share my music on IG and I’m like ‘wowww this person looks rly cool low key - ummm where have they been all my life?’

I do feel a big pressure to still be perfect if that’s what you mean, but I hope that the community I find is one that knows sometimes you gotta just wipe your ass and let yourself move on. Listeners that will hold me accountable and love and help me grow at the same time.

Photo by Sarah Villafane

Photo by Sarah Villafane

How do you practice self-care as an independent, DIY artist?

I need to work on that. I have stand up for myself a lot and try to treat myself like I’m That Bitch and deserve fair, ethical pay and treatment. And slow down and not let the computer colonizers ruin my life and turn that shit completely off sometimes.

How does social justice tie into your music?

I am actively defending my life as a queer and brown and poor person I guess. Some people just chill and accept their place in society. I’m not chillin though, and I personally can’t afford to wait around. I am trying to get free. Fannie Lou Hamer told me “Nobody’s free till everybody’s free.”

I am trying to get free.

In five years, where do you see yourself musically?

Paying my rent with music??? Above water? I hope?? I think that both of those affect me musically.

If people wanna throw in for that, I have a monthly fund at since streaming services are killing independent artists like me right now and then I’ll actually be able to make videos, and tour, and produce music and art in the next year.

I’m hoping my listeners will support me to know where I can go in 5 years with music. I don’t want to have to sell my soul in 5 years to keep going as much as i want to with Diaspoura. I wanna make a lot happen.

Who’s one artist on your playlist we need to start following immediately, and why?

I think... you should look all the ones you don’t know up. This is a bossy playlist, not one artist wears the pants. They all wear the pants. :~)

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