Eve Maret is Magic

Soft & wild.

By Nora Rothman

Eve Maret (she/her) is a Nashville-based experimental artist & composer who employs a wide array of electronic media & techniques in her various disciplines, exploring the possibilities of personal & communal healing through creative acts. She co-founded Hyasynth House, an electronic music collective & education center for female, trans, & non-binary artists in May of 2018.

Describe Eve Maret in 3 words:

Devoted ~ Alien ~ Glittery

Can you tell us a little bit about your playlist?

I had so much fun putting this playlist together! I draw a lot of influence from femme, trans and gnc artists spanning many different genres and time periods. To me, the songs that I chose represent artists who are united by their individuality and vulnerability.

Photo by Andrés Bustamante

Photo by Andrés Bustamante

What advice do you have for other emerging femme, trans, and gnc artists?

I love you. You can do anything and I believe in you. Life is hard, but you are special and the world needs you. When people say they don’t agree with what you’re doing — keep creating. When you feel self-doubt creep in — keep creating. Find people who see you for who you are and make things with them. You are worthy of being heard.

How can music heal us?

In a world where we’re constantly told what to be and how to behave, music gives us space to be exactly who we are.

You are worthy of being heard.

What’s your favorite thing about yourself today?

Today my favorite thing about myself is how I’m so soft and wild : )

How did you come to play so many different instruments?

I really think I’ve come to play a variety of instruments because I’m obsessed with sound (lol, but really). A huge part of my creative interest lies in exploring new and different methods/media that best convey the feelings I want to share. I’m really grateful that my parents encouraged me to play music, and my first music teacher supported me when I wanted to learn how to play new instruments. That was so valuable. I sometimes have insecurities about having such broad creative interests, but I’ve found that using a variety of instruments and processes allows me to express myself in the truest way.

Photo by Cassie Lopez

Photo by Cassie Lopez

Can you tell us about your work to uplift other artists and why you do it?

I’d love to!! My friend Jess Chambers and I conceived of Hyasynth House in May of 2018 after having several conversations about the challenges of being a non-male artist in the music industry (i.e. the isolation, harassment, lack of opportunity we face). We both longed to create a space where womxn, trans, and gnc people could inspire one another and be fearlessly creative. Since then, we’ve dedicated ourselves to hosting performances, workshops, and leading community-wide conversations in and around Nashville.

I do this work because I feel it is so, so necessary. I can’t not do it. The work that I’ve done with Hyasynth House has radically transformed my life and how I relate to my own art/music. I feel extremely grateful to connect with so many curious, creative womxn, trans, and gnc people! We/they are the most magical people : )

I’m obsessed with sound.

Do you identify as more of a musician or a performance artist?

This is the toughest question for me to answer, I think because so much of what I do is about blurring the lines and holding complexity. Sometimes I identify as both a musician and performance artist, but, to be very honest, I see myself more as something broader - a spiritual being that seeks to know herself and the divine within-without her through creative acts.

How does Nashville treat the experimental music scene?

Nashville is an amazing place to make and perform experimental music! The experimental scene has really grown and become much more inclusive in the past year or so. What I love about the scene here is that people are passionate about supporting one another. We’re all friendly, freaky creators who wanna collaborate with each other! It’s been an amazing place for me to grow creatively.

Who’s one artist on your playlist we need to start following immediately, and why?

Although she’s not actively releasing or performing, please please listen to Pauline Anna Strom’s album Trans-Millenia Music. It’s otherworldly.

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