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Humor, health, & purple hearts.

Left at London, or /@/, is the music project of stage name of Nat Puff (she/her), a trans woman from Seattle, Washington who is not afraid to let herself be known intimately through her music.

Who is Left at London in 3 words?

Left. At. London. Alternate answer: versatile, gay, sad.

Can you tell us a little bit about your playlist?

The playlist is a combination of a couple of my favorite artists, alongside singles that I just like. My favorite albums featured on this playlist are Little Teeth’s, Kimbra’s, Mitski’s, and KNOWER’s.


What’s your debut EP about?

The title, which is the purple heart emoji (💜) comes from an online friend of mine, Vivian, who always comforts me by sending me the purple heart emoji. I now use it to show love specifically to comfort others when advice barely helps, or is hard to come across. This album doesn’t necessarily comfort, but it presents four different situations in which the narrator needs comfort as opposed to advice.

My Eyes Are Going Anyway is about the passage of time; I Thought-You-Said is about a miscarriage from the perspective of a father mourning while trying to comfort the mother; Les Funérailles (Prologue) is about the death of a partner being met with denial; and Felt Like I Died is about the abandonment of being a social person with mental illnesses. Coincidentally, Felt Like I Died is the only track in my own perspective.

Your Twitter is hilarious. Is humor an important piece of your life?

Humor is how I connect with others. But music is how I connect with my own emotions. They’re two completely different beasts. It’s hard for me to combine music and humor, in terms of writing. But I’m sure they’ll collide some time in the future.

Humor is how I connect with others. But music is how I connect with my own emotions.

Have you always been open about your experiences with mental health?

I have to be. If I wasn’t open about them, I’d feel like a werewolf. My mental health shows up in my music as intrusively as it does in my own life. I’ve lost friends, I’ve grown distant with former partners, hell, I’ve nearly died multiple times, all because of mental health. That’s really what my next two albums are about. And if I’m not open about it, all people will have to turn to patronization and stigmatization from neurotypical people.

Do you have any advice for people struggling with mental health?

See a therapist and try to find friends who are willing to answer the phone in a time of crisis. If you get scared of using a hotline, come up with a fake name to use so you don’t feel like the information will get out somehow. Breathe in 4 seconds, hold for 7, breathe out 8. Instead of cutting, try putting some hot sauce on your tongue. It releases a similar amount of dopamine.


What’s the music world like in Seattle right now?

The local shows I always go to are usually wherever Crimewave, Ancient Mariner, and DoNormaal play. Other than that, I barely go outside, much less to local shows.

What’s your favorite thing about yourself today?

I’m not dead. That’s pretty dope.

I’m not dead. That’s pretty dope.

Who’s one artist on your playlist we need to start following immediately, and why?

LITTLE TEETH. They’re such a small lil' freak folk band and I love them. I also got to know them personally thanks to a fan letter of mine, and they’re all really nice people. I met Seán when they were in Seattle one time, and we got falafel, and I lead them to a tattoo parlor. The raw manic trans energy from that band is enough to not just fill the room, but radiate it entirely.

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