Madison Malone is Loud, Pan & Proud

Madison Malone is Loud, Pan & Proud

Small towns, pansexuality, & gigging culture.

Hailing from farm town, Wisconsin & making music in Hollywood, CA, Madison Malone (she/her) is a singer-songwriter on a mission to embrace all of life's dualities.

What does “raise the femme voice” mean to you?

Raising the femme voice means speaking loudly, freely, and clearly about what we want.  In our society, women are not encouraged to proudly proclaim who they are or to dream as big.  When we raise the femme voice, we are telling the stories of what it means to be a female and spreading the feminine divine.

Growing up in rural Wisconsin, where did you turn for musical inspiration?

My main sources of inspiration were from the records my parents played in my house or from whatever was programmed on TV. In terms of Wisconsin in general, the beauty of the natural landscapes (bluffs, rolling fields) really inspired the sounds I heard.  That relationship with nature will always have a hold on me.


What was the weirdest gig you ever played?

I had a monthly residency at this grocery store playing by a sushi bar or in the parking lot, depending on the weather.  I actually thoroughly enjoyed it.

Was moving to LA a culture shock?

LA is completely different from my hometown in Wisconsin; however, since I was a kid I envisioned myself moving out to LA, so, mentally, the move was seamless.  Something that I have noticed right away is how accepting and progressive Los Angeles is...a breeding ground for beautiful artwork and personal growth.

When I write...I feel like I am showing you parts of me that other people don’t get to see.

You’ve written for a lot of great artists, including Earhart alum Raye Zaragoza. What’s different about writing for yourself?

When I write for myself, I feel like I am showing you parts of me that other people don’t get to see. The parts that I save for myself and my intimate relationships, I expose in my music’s lyrics.

Did you ever have a back-up plan?

Music has always had its hands on the wheel. I was in and out of college double majoring in social work and Spanish...however, music was always pulling me in another direction.


Your album explores themes of duality. How has embracing contradictions affected your sexuality?

With this new music that I am creating, I first and foremost want to inspire people to claim all of their sides and proudly be themselves.  While writing these songs, I decided that if I want others to truly love every piece of them, then I too shall loudly proclaim all of my pieces.  With that, I have recently come out as pansexual, meaning that I am attracted to humans of every kind of gender imaginable.

Flowers on Leather is an absurdly catchy song and a strikingly unusual image. Where did that lyric come from?

Thank you! I have this black leather jacket with strong, heavy metal studs and delicate flowers embroidered on it.  When I saw this jacket, I told my producer that I wanted my next album to sound like that jacket...strong, fragile, dark, on leather!

I am attracted to humans of every kind of gender imaginable.

What’s your cure for writer’s block?

Going out and doing something that has nothing to do with music.  I go for a hike, I head straight for the ocean...when I let life happen to me, music fills in the empty spaces.  When I give my brain a break, the art inside of me has a chance to speak and I can listen.

Who’s one artist on your playlist we need to start following immediately, and why?

I cannot pick one. I firmly believe that you need to start following all of the artists on my playlist. Each person has a conscious message and a force of emotions that will help our world heal.

Madison's Upcoming Shows

Sat, 4/21 - The Troubadour - Los Angeles, CA

Madison's Charity of the Week

I am a firm believer in helping out your community and the people who are most vulnerable within it.  I would like to direct you all to Los Angeles LGBT Center which provides housing, health services, education, and leadership for LGBT people of ALL ages and walks of life.