Roll One Up with QRTR

Brooklyn, parties, & awkward DJ moments.

QRTR (she/her) is an electronic music producer & DJ based in Brooklyn, NY. With a reverence for house music, QRTR fuses air-tight dance hooks with dreamy downtempo textures.

What does “raise the femme voice” mean to you?

Raising the femme voice is all about representation and creating platforms for women to thrive and inspire by showing each other that it is possible to break through the barriers we much too often face simply for being women.

Can you tell us a little bit about your playlist?

My playlist is filled to the brim with women who have inspired me sonically over the past decade. The playlist spans many genres, but the theme is consistent throughout: women make some good fucking music.


What should we be doing when we turn it on?

Crucial and quick guide for listening to this playlist: get cozy, light some incense and roll one up.

What inspired you to start .WAVCAVE?

My best friend Jenny and I were sick of NYC nightlife feeling “too cool” and thriving off of being exclusive so we started throwing monthly parties with a mission to bring inclusivity and lightheartedness to the scene. Two years and many parties later, we’re now an artists’ collective and music label with a physical hub in the heart of Brooklyn’s Bushwick neighborhood.

Women make some good fucking music.

What’s the weirdest gig you’ve ever played?

Years ago, I DJ'd a friend’s wedding when I definitely had a thing for her…so that was sort of weird for me.

What do you wish you could see more of in the NY electronic music scene right now?

It’s hard to answer this because I think the scene in Brooklyn is flourishing right now. There are so many different types of parties and collectives catering to just about every facet of the genre and it’s really encouraging.


Do you use music to express your political, sexual, or cultural identity?

I think my identity comes through in my music whether I plan for it to or not. I might be inspired by percussive elements in a Bachata track I loved as a kid and unknowingly bring that flavor into a session one day. Since I’m not necessarily writing lyrics for all the music I produce, it may not be as explicit, but everything I make is a product of who I am and what my tastes are which has everything to do with my identity.

If you could be anywhere doing anything in ten years, what would it look like?

I would be traveling and playing music.

DJing is so much more about the people in the room than the performer.

What’s your favorite part of live DJing?

DJing is so much more about the people in the room than the performer and that’s my favorite part about it. I love being able to transform a space and watch it work like a machine to the music I’m playing without necessarily drawing too much attention to myself. I’m part of the party and connecting with the people who are losing themselves alongside me.

Who’s one artist on your playlist we need to start following immediately, and why?

Nightwave!!! Her music is incredible and she’s doing some really awesome things in the scene right now like hosting a free music production workshop for women in the UK called Producergirls along with being a label boss and producer.

QRTR's Upcoming Shows

Sat, 6/16 - .WAVCAVE Two Year Anniversary Party at H0l0 with Jubilee, Keeno18, QRTR, Max Sprauer, Aly Jump and Radicule

QRTR's Charity of the Week

The Trevor Project helps provide crisis prevention for LGBTQ+ youth. I didn't come out until well into my adulthood and it was one of the most difficult things I've ever done, even with plenty of very supportive family and friends. Organizations like The Trevor Project are crucial for the many young people who need support and resources that they wouldn't otherwise have.