Stop for Rachel Rose

Stop for Rachel Rose

Love of all kinds.

By Nora Rothman

Rachel Rose (she/her) is a bisexual artist, advocating for freedom of preference & individuality in life & music. Rachel writes her truth on her guitar & then co-produces the song alongside Jaime Estalella. Rachel now lives in New York City, studying Contemporary Music at The New School. Rachel has released three singles, "Dancing In The Palm Of Your Hand," "The Fantasize," & "On My Mind," & is working on another three songs due to be released soon.

Describe Rachel Rose in 3 words:

Passionate. Multifaceted. Goofy.

Can you tell us a little bit about your playlist?

My playlist is a taste of my biggest inspirations across all genres, from the trailblazer singer-songwriter that is Ani DiFranco, to the queen of ambiance and a lyricist I truly admire, Lana Del Rey. When I listen to the songs on this playlist, I feel warm, understood, and inspired.


What does “multifaceted sexuality” mean to you?

To me, multifaceted sexuality means more than one-dimensional in my sexual preference. We are all humans with many different sides and it’s important to recognize, respect, validate, and celebrate that in this world! People are very uncomfortable when they are unable to define or put something in a box and for me, I don’t fit into any boxes and not just in my sexuality. I am a half Trinidadian half Russian - Israeli, who grew up celebrating Hanukkah and Christmas, playing intense ice hockey and tennis while also having a deep passion for the arts and creating.

We all just want love of all kinds in our lives.

How does that come out in your music, if at all?

In my music, it’s a huge muse for me. I think I started writing songs in hopes to understand and love myself for who I was, and at the beginning it was a safe place for me to go and express how I was feeling. I’ve written about 40 songs that I would say are ready to go into production and a lot of them are about the uphill climb I’ve been on to love myself in all areas. I would write a song and be like, “shit I love this. I think other people will too. I think I could help people,” and because of that I forced myself to get to a place where I could share it. Writing these songs has given me the opportunity to be the best version of myself, which I believe comes from self love within.


Why is freedom of preference important in 2019?

Our differences are what makes us individuals and give us a different perspective to offer the world. We all just want love of all kinds in our lives and we’re trying to understand this crazy world and feel less alone. Unfortunately, we fear what we do not know, so the more people feel comfortable sharing what makes them them, the more we all can come together and live fulfilling lives. We need to recognize that we are all more similar than we could ever be different.

What’s your favorite thing about yourself today?

Right now, I would say it’s my courage. Writing these songs is the only thing that feels natural to me, sharing them and being so public is very new and scary but I’m definitely proud of diving in like I have in the past year.

Go before you’re ready.

What advice do you have for other artists?

Go before you’re ready. No one will ever feel “ready” to do something scary or out of their comfort zone, at least that was the case for me. Last year at this time I had just done my first open mic, singing on stage. One open mic turned monthly; fast-forward to June when my band and I booked the first NYC show (still didn’t feel ready), followed by 7 months of NYC bookings. A year later my songs have been streamed over 100,000 times on Spotify and I’m getting more performance opportunities. My best advice is to be where your feet are, dream big, but take small steps to get there. Every experience matters because from it you grow. If you are questioning the open mic at the back of the dive bar on the lower east side...GO! You won’t know if you will meet a future band mate, manager, collaborator, or fan, but you will get more experience on stage.

Who’s one artist on your playlist we need to start following immediately, and why?

Ahh! These are most of my favorite artists so I truly can’t decide…I tried to really touch on an array of genres in this playlist and I feel as if you will like at least a couple songs if you give it a chance so I guess that’s my answer! If you’re sleeping on legends and tend to listen to music for lyrics check out Ani or the Indigo Girls. If you want some contemporary rock queens go for Courtney Barnett or PVRIS.

Rachel’s Next Show

The Delancey, NYC - Sat, Feb 16 - 8.00pm - tickets