Wallis Bird on High

Peace, sex, death.

By Valarie Šakota

Irish artist Wallis Bird has been enrapturing audiences for over a decade. Having won multiple international awards, Wallis is set to release her sixth album 'Woman' on Sept 27th this year along with extensive tour dates in the USA & Europe.

Close your eyes. Imagine you’re soaring above the earth in a hot air balloon. If you were the pilot, where would you land that air balloon and why?

I'd land it wherever it wanted to land!

Spill the beans on your playlist. Why did you curate these artists together and what feelings do they evoke in you?

I chose them because they're role models in every which way. Their art and their personality is unique / commanding / immediate / timeless—all the good stuff!

Photo by Jens Oellermann

Photo by Jens Oellermann

Who do you make music for?

Gooooood question! Ok, when I'm sculpting something new and purposefully working harder on a line or the way I can perform it, that's when it's for me. When I write a song to lift or awaken the spirit, that's for us. When I'm really going for it on stage and playing my head off, that's for you, but it's good for me too!

You mention in a recent video that your new song Salve is a “wake up call” to get off of social media and connect with humans in the real world. How do you see yourself applying that to your music career in the age of digital streams, likes and follows as social currency?

Nowadays I use it all more mindfully, I put positive and kind intent into what I share. I don't get angry or annoyed that I “have to do it,” so I encourage myself to see the positive power it can release.

I follow the muse.

You’ve had a relationship to music since you were a young kid and released your first EP 13 years ago. How has your approach to songwriting and introspection shifted over the last decade?

I follow the muse, if a line finds itself being said, I talk with it and follow its wishes. I dig deeper now—sculpting interests me now—so I spend more time physically on the text or the instrumentation, because it always has a little more to tell. I go wild and then pare it back so to speak. A massive change in me is that I've made my peace with vulnerability and critique, so I feel like fucking Buddha. I'm so chilled and pleased with my catalogue and my connection to it and how my efforts and time have served me. I have a beautiful life, and I worked really hard to get it, so I feel like I'm reaping the rewards of the important good things like love and family and time.

What has been the most impactful or memorable moment of your music career? Why?

Probably from my last record ‘Home’ I realised how lucky I was and how my team, whom I've worked with for around 15 years through thick and thin, are probably the greatest achievement in my life. Every year feels better with them.

Photo by Jens Oellermann

Photo by Jens Oellermann

You are about to release a new album on September 27th, set it up for us in one sentence.

Love Respect Peace Sex Death Healing x

If you could send one song from your entire body of work, into the universe for aliens to discover, what would it be and why?

“To My Bones.” I wrote it as a mantra to find peace, love, hope, and energy to face anything. And it works.

I put positive & kind intent into what I share.

Ok, close your eyes again. You’re sitting on a dock with your toes in the water enjoying an intoxicant of your choice with a companion. The person next to you can be anyone (real, fictional, dead or alive). Who would you share that moment with, and why?

I'm doing it right now, and it's every person I've ever loved. They're in me.

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