WASI Pride

Love is Gay.

By Courtney Sheehan

WASI’s music & vigor is an invitation into WASI World: a utopia of love, liberation & a constant challenge of the status quo. Their anthemic songs speak of their experiences as Outsiders & owning your voice in a cloudy world.

Describe riot pop with a few adjectives:

Uplifting angst. Fear and optimism. Fuck it.

You’re really intentional about creating community wherever you go. What kind of community building are you most excited about working on right now?

We love building community. It creates a greater meaning to why music is important to us.

We’re so excited for the Love is Gay tour. Each show on the tour will be working with local LGBTQ non-profits and organizations to create visibility and bridge the gap between activism and music in the queer community. We’re excited to meet everyone from across the spectrum!

Photo by Kat Contreras

Photo by Kat Contreras

You cultivated a following at Prides up and down the West Coast. As we listen to your playlist at the end of Pride month, are there any blessings, spells or intentions you’d like to share?

With PRIDE month, something that comes to my mind (Merilou) is everyone’s story of coming out. Some people were able to come out with full support which is beautiful. Some folks, like myself, had to go through years of fighting the self-hate, shame and depression that being queer came with. When I came out, I definitely had to mourn some relationships. In fact, for a while, coming out to me was never even an option. I remember feeling like I’d rather take it to my grave than come out and live freely.

That being said, when you listen to a queer artist’s story, try to soak it in. Because each of our stories are different and as awesome as PRIDE month is and how it gives me the gratitude that I can live my true self; I always remember the pain that not being out caused.

What makes a space feel safe for you?

A safe space for us is a place where we can truly be seen and not shamed for it. It’s so easy to compartmentalize to survive. A safe space is where those boundaries are broken, and you can honestly be your true self and be loved.

We love building community.

Do you ever both get writer’s block at the same time? How do you shake it?

Yes, we both definitely get writers block at the same time! However, we don’t let it control us. We sit down and write anyways. Even if it sucks, we just write. We do SOMETHING, and if nothing comes out, we wait. We force it. And 8 hours later if we hate it, we’ start something new next time.

Great ideas just come to us while we’re sitting. Sometimes we have to dig for them. The hard part is the discipline to do it, to let the flow come. But when it does, it makes all those hard writing days worth it.

What’s a piece of wisdom you wish you’d heard when you were younger?

Surround yourself with people who inspire you. I feel like so much time was spent people-pleasing because we didn’t know who we were, or we were afraid people would come and go if we had nothing to offer.

No. Spend time being the best you can be. Be a great person, practice the craft, and don’t be afraid to draw boundaries with negative energy. Your vibe is your tribe.

Photo by Kat Contreras

Photo by Kat Contreras

Any crushes on your playlist?

Haha everyone on our playlist is a crush! Forever and ever, Tegan and Sara tho.

Outside of the band, what projects are the focus of your activism currently?

Jessie is planning on working with the ACLU on cool projects that are coming up. For me, Women Fuck Shit Up Fest takes a bunch of my energy when we start planning it for 2020. Also, this summer we’re both volunteering for the Rock Camp for Girls LA! Best week of the year.

What are you excited about for the Love is Gay tour coming up in June?

We’re excited to play in cities we’ve never played before and to meet the queer communities all over the west coast!

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