Laura Brehm

From Label to Artist

Laura Brehm
From Label to Artist

Laura Brehm & Lhasa Petik

Artist & label head Laura Brehm sits down with her newest signee, Lhasa Petik, to discuss her first single, "Fading."

What inspired you to write “Fading”?

‘Fading,’ being one of my first ever songs, was written inspired by the things I was experiencing in my life. From first loves and heartbreaks, my life felt like a bit of a gongshow, so I turned to writing music to help me organize my thoughts. Every little hardship in life seemed like the end of the world, and songwriting was a way of putting these things into perspective. However, the biggest inspiration for ‘Fading,’ was the news of my best friend moving to Alabama, which seemed to signify the end of a phase in my life. I was transitioning into high school, and I began thinking about what to do with myself after high school was finished. This created a lot of internal turmoil of wanting to run away and forget about my old self. Eventually, I realized that I couldn’t go through life solo, and I turned to important people in my life for support. With that came the chorus for ‘Fading,’ which became a bit of a tribute to all the individuals who have helped me through those tough years.

How did it feel to write a song on vocals/guitar for the first time after being classically trained?

After so many years of taking lessons, and practicing pieces that were set out for me, it was an incredibly liberating experience to do something on my own. It had been something I wanted to do for a while after picking up the guitar, but it only came together after I had numerous song ideas flowing through my head. To this day, I write lyrics in my head before even touching a guitar.


Who are your top 5 biggest musical inspirations?

Obviously there are so many incredibly talented musicians and artists in the world, and a lot of my musical inspirations are people I have studied with, worked with, and collaborated with right here in Canada. But in regards to writing, my number one influence is Lorde. She is an incredible songwriter, and is so unapologetic with everything she does. Others include Ed Sheeran, for his beautiful and often simplistic guitar work, Amy Winehouse, for her passion and emotion, Will Heard, for his smooth and silky vibes, and The Doors, one of the first bands I have ever listened to.

What do you think is the scariest thing about being a musician/artist?

I think the most daunting task when being a  musician or artist is the willingness to be vulnerable and share that vulnerability with the world. By being any sort of artist, not only are you sharing personal issues, successes and worries, but you are also putting your work up for criticism, which can sometimes be incredibly challenging. Overall, I think sharing your music for the first time is probably the most frightening thing that you can do.

Sharing your music for the first time is probably the most frightening thing that you can do.

What do you think is the coolest thing about being a musician/artist?

There are so many unique and incredible aspects that come with being a musician, but I think the sense of community and ensemble that come with collaborations are really magical. It is so interesting sharing art with people while learning from them, and taking influence from their tendencies and creativity. The rawness of collaborating with someone one on one is an incomparable feeling, that allows an awesome musicianship to form, which often includes a blossoming friendship.

How did you first hear about Electric Bird Records?

I happened to hear about Electric Bird Records as it trickled down the grapevine. My boyfriend introduced me to a couple friends connected to the label, and the rest is history. I feel super lucky to have worked with you (Laura) and Electric Bird Records, and look forward to keeping up with new releases!


Tell me about the experience of your favorite performance you’ve ever done.

Well…. After performing for 14 years, there are a lot of pretty cool, embarrassing, and quirky performances that I have taken part in, but there is one that stands out above the rest. When I was five years old, my entire family decided to take a trip to Phoenix for a couple of weeks. Naturally, my mom insisted I take my violin along to practice throughout the trip. Unfortunately my violin was precious cargo, so it became my carry-on for the flight. As I was boarding the plane, the pilot pulled me into the cockpit to play a song over the loudspeaker for the entire plane to hear. Needless to say… I was mortified.

Would you ever do features on EDM tracks?

Yes, absolutely! I love working with people, and learning from them. I think it could be a really cool opportunity to explore different types of music while meeting new people.

I feel super lucky to have worked with you & Electric Bird Records.

What’s your next release?

My next release will be a song called ‘Vices,’ a Flamenco and Jazz inspired track. Much like ‘Fading,’ it was a track written a few years ago, and one that was more an experiment than an actually piece. I am looking forward to releasing a very different style, and hope that people enjoy it.

What are your long-term goals as a singer/songwriter?

Honestly, as a singer/songwriter I try to take things as they come, but I plan on doing a bunch of casual performances here and there, and writing music that is holds meaning in my life. As of right now, I just want to make sure that music never feels like a job, because it has felt like that at many points in my life, and in those times I have been dissatisfied with my work.